Utah’s Zion National Park in Photos

Last year, we visited Utah’s Zion National Park, as it is only an hour and a half from Katie’s parents’ house.

It was the last stop on a day trip through southwest Utah, so we were a little too tired and ill-prepared to hike the five miles to Angels Landing. We hope to spend a little more time in the park when we’re out there this summer.

Still, even on the lower trails the views of the canyon are stunning. We found ourselves in utter disbelief at almost every turn of the trail, which would reveal progressively more impressive picturesque views.

Here’s a sampling of what we saw:

IMG_1651   IMG_1665



IMG_1702   IMG_1713IMG_1762

IMG_1719  IMG_1809IMG_1768


  1. Great photos, where is the article?

    • We’ll have to visit again and hike Angels Landing before we write anything more in-depth.

  2. I LOVE Zion NP. I want to go back there and stay longer, I was there for a couple days 3-4 years ago… maybe more. Geez how time goes by.



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