We are Mark & Katie, a newlywed couple from the Detroit area who’ve been bitten by the travel bug in a serious way. We’ve both dabbled with travel as adults: a few weeks in Europe, weekend roadtrips, the usual. But ever since getting married on a beach in Costa Rica, we’re no longer satisfied with your average, American two-week vacation once a year (if you’re lucky!). Instead of the thinking about vacations from the everyday, we’re making travel a part of our everyday.

We are on a quest to become fully location independent, digital nomads by 2015. Much of the groundwork has already been laid, but now the serious work begins.

We’re a little different from most of the popular travel blogs out there: We don’t claim to be experts and we haven’t yet been all around the world. In many ways, we are just beginning our journey in earnest.

Follow us as we make mistakes, gain experience points, and discover whether the world will succumb to our will.

Mark …


… is a professional writer, editor, and multimedia journalist originally from the former Soviet Union (though you probably wouldn’t be able to tell without meeting his family or hearing him speak Russian). Some of his earliest memories are of scaling the cliff bluffs above the Mediterranean Sea in Santa Marinella, Italy, where his family — fleeing the USSR — found refuge for a winter while waiting for a sponsor in the United States. He recently went back to Vilnius, Lithuania, his birthplace, for the first time since leaving as a small child. The experience made certain details of his character, such as his killer ability to outsit most everyone at any table and his fondness for birch trees, make a lot more sense.

Currently, he is a senior editor at Hour Detroit, the monthly city/regional magazine of the Motor City. You can view a sampling of his previous work and check out the word-related freelance services he offers.

This fall, Mark will begin attending graduate school at UC-Berkeley, where he plans to study documentary and multimedia journalism.

He is looking forward to the roadtrip from Detroit to California, and WWOOFing in Hawaii in June.

Katie …


… loves the feeling of freedom travel gives her. As a teenage ballerina, she spent a month touring Germany and France, living with several different host families and dancing for the Burgermeister of Berlin. Yes, that’s seriously a thing: Burgermeister. It’s like the mayor, only more burger-ific.

(Just to be clear, she’s no longer a teenager, although most people mistakenly guess her to be 10 years younger than she really is.)

Katie loves walking her puppy, reading books (her favorite is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn), and laying out in the sun. She’s very susceptible to cold weather and has always dreamed of living in San Francisco. She wears a size 4 1/2 shoe, which makes finding a decent pair very difficult. If you see some, she’d really appreciate it if you’d let her know.

She may be small, but Katie’s ready to live large!




…is the cutest little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that ever was. She enjoys swimming, chewing on sticks, sleeping in laundry baskets, and going for walks like a champ. She’s five years young, and although she looks like a lady, she’s a rough and tumble puppy.


Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for destination guides, basic travel tips and hacks, and dispatches from the road as we make our trek across America.

And please don’t be shy about leaving comments, asking questions, or giving advice. We’re new to this whole “putting our lives online” thing, and it can be quite lonely when you’re first starting out. If you even remotely interested in what we’re doing or writing about, please reach out so we can get to know you.