Vegas, Baby


After our little trip to LA, we spent about a week in Mesquite with my parents before we started getting antsy. More open road, more things to see, more new foods to try! Our six month wedding anniversary was approaching (not a thing, we know, but we were desperate for a reason to get out of town) so we decided to spend a night in the epitome of class and culture. Yep, you guessed it, glamorous downtown Las Vegas!

Boo, you say? We know, we know. Gluttony, greed, lust – Vegas is the epitome of sin. Who would want to celebrate six blessed months of matrimony among all this debauchery?

Well, we did. And what we did was what we do best: eat and drink. And smile a lot at each other. And swoon about our love. It was actually pretty romantic, if you can believe it.

Golden Gate Hotel

We stayed at the Golden Gate Hotel, which was about $40 per night. There was no pool, but for the price, I say it was well worth it.

Golden Gate Hotel

Viva Las Arepas

On the way to the hotel we stopped at Viva Las Arepas for lunch. Their arepas are delicious and the soursop agua fresca sure hits the spot!

Frankie's Tiki Room

After lunch we stopped at Frankie’s Tiki Room for some cocktails. When we first walked through the door it was so dark we could barely see three inches in front of our faces. As our eyes adjusted we realized we had entered a tiki world! I totally recommend a trip out to this bar just to admire the kitschy decor alone.

El Cortez Hotel

We spent the next few hours wandering the streets of Downtown Vegas. The area we like best is East Fremont. The bars and restaurants are right up our alley, and you really get that “old Vegas” feel.

Las Vegas

Vegas Nightlife

Vegas Cars

Park on Fremont

One of our favorite spots on Fremont street is Park on Fremont. The design is super cute with claw foot tubs full of flowers, a picket fence, grandma wallpaper, and an awesome outdoor patio. And the drinks are good and all have interesting names.

Mark Swoon Divers

Swoon. That’s my husband, you guys.

Downtown Las Vegas Restaurants

Park on Fremont Patio

Wombat on Bathsalts

East Fremont Street

The Laundry Room

We always obey bathroom signs. This was taken in the bathroom of The Laundry Room, the secret speakeasy hidden in the back of Commonwealth. While we both agreed we’re getting kind of tired of the whole secret craft cocktail bars with their menu of rules and pricey drinks, it’s still an interesting concept and fun when you’re in the right sort of mood. We were not, so we high tailed it out of there after one drink.

La Comida


IMG_5558 (1)

Not pictured here are two shameful events we’d rather forget. The chili cheese fries and Coney dogs we inhaled at The D Las Vegas, and our visit to the Girls of Glitter Gulch, which I blame on Mark for striking up a conversation with the doorman about whether or not they served soup inside. They don’t. But they do have a lot of friendly ladies willing to chat with a newlywed couple about love and travel. What an oddly perfect end to an oddly perfect night.

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