The Kurlyandchiks Take Manhattan (Or Leave It)

The following post about the Big Apple might make me sound like a total crab apple, but I (Katie) can’t help it. I don’t like chilly, rainy, gray days, especially when you’re trying to walk around and get to know a city.

That’s exactly what our day in Manhattan was like, but we tried our damnedest to make the best of it.

Manhattan Buildings Manhattan Buildings Classic Checker Cab in ManhattanManhattan Skyscrapers Near Radio City Music Hall

We spent about 4 hours at MoMA, and so did just about every other tourist and New Yorker looking to escape the rain. Ugh. (This amounted to the museum being packed with a ton of famous-looking people wearing really cool glasses.)

It was super crowded, but we were able to fight our way to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” so we could take a picture of the painting — which is kind of a weird thing to do, right?

Vincent van Gogh Starry Night at MoMA

"OOF," by Edward Ruscha

“OOF,” by Edward Ruscha.


After MoMA. we walked to Central Park, which we looked at. And that’s about all we did with it, as the rain and puddles kept us away.

Mark did pose like a cute ballerina to make up for the lack of park action. This husband of mine always cheers me up.

Mark Posing in Central Park, Manhattan

Statue at Central Park, Manhattan Statue at Central Park, Side View

We then got coffee at Starbucks. It was about the only place in town with a public restroom, so we made use of that, too. Yay.


As we walked down 6th Avenue, an official-looking gentleman with a walkie-talkie directed us to continue on the opposite side of the street. After Mark asked a few questions, we found out that the street was closed for the filming of a movie — something called “Teaching Manheim.”  A quick Google search later helped us determine this was the set of Anchor Man 2, starring Will Ferrell.

After waiting about 20 minutes in the rain, the street in front of the office building flooded with classic, ’70s-era taxi cabs and cars. Will Ferrell — aka Ron Burgundy — came out of the building wearing a burgundy suit and attempted to hail a cab.

Mark was able to snap a few blurry pics with his telephoto lens from across the street and down the block a bit (they moved us off the curb right before the scene started shooting).

Here’s Will Ferrell shooting Anchorman 2 in downtown Manhattan:

Will Ferrell, Anchor Man 2, NYC

Will Ferrell Filming Anchor Man 2, NYC

Will Ferrell Filming Anchor Man 2, Manhattan


After the excitement of seeing Will Ferrell, we headed to Times Square for the obligatory Times Square photos and the opportunity to say, “Yeah, I’ve been to Times Square. It’s kinda lame.”

Times Square, NYC

Times Square, NYC

Visually, it wasn’t all that lame. The way the lights illuminated the foggy New York night sky that rainy Monday night had an eerie, otherworldly effect.

But all the advertisements and the stores and the crowds … those weren’t really our bag. It reminded us of the Vegas strip in that gluttonous, buy-buy-buy/spend-spend-spend kinda way.

So we headed back to East Brunswick, New Jersey, where we were staying with some friends of Mark’s family. The highlight of my day was the killer Chinese food we ordered in. My chicken lo-mein was right on the money. Sometimes all you need are some noodles to slurp after a gray and rainy day to set you right again.

So, to sum up our Manhattan experience: I guess we need to go back. Not only did we not even scratch the surface, we didn’t get a good vibe from the borough that incites so much passion and love from so many.

It was a chilly, wet, and gloomy day. We’re certain that good vibe is there, we just need longer than one day to find it.

If you have any recommendations for our next trip to Manhattan, please share in the comments!


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