The Hoover Dam in Pictures

Hoover Dam 1

We stopped at the Hoover Dam in July on our way to visit Mark’s cousin Marta in Phoenix. We were able to snap a few pictures before it started to rain. And thank holy heck it did because I don’t think I could have enjoyed this magnificent man-made monstrosity any longer. We jumped back into the car and exchanged our, “Aww, too bad we didn’t get to take the informational tour” and “Damn, I wish we could have made it to the gift shop” regrets with secret smiles of mutual relief.

Hoover Dam 17    Hoover Dam 11

Hoover Dam 16


The Hoover Dam is majestic in a very intimidating “man harnessing the power of water” sort of way.

Hoover Dam 15

Hoover Dam 14

Hoover Dam 10

Hoover Dam 12

Hoover Dam 13

Hoover Dam 9    Hoover Dam 18

Hoover Dam 8

Rocks and water – always a pretty combination, huh?


Hoover Dam 6

Hoover Dam 5    Hoover Dam 4

Hoover Dam 3

Hoover Dam 2

There you have it, the Hoover Dam. And what a damn fine dam it is.

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  1. O you two….it is magnificent in a cementy kind of way but very necessary for our being here.
    Without the dam, how could there be Vegas?


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