Road Trip Essentials

Summer Road Trip

You guys, summer is just around the corner and the open road is calling to us!

Living in California now, it seems like the road trip options are endless! We have Napa, Big Sur, Yosemite, LA, San Diego, Palm Springs, the Redwood National Park, and so much more at our fingertips just begging to be explored.

We know what you’re about to say: “Hey, guys! You don’t have a car!” Insignificant detail, my friends. That’s where RelayRides comes in!

RelayRides is a peer-to-peer carsharing service. They allow private car-owners to rent out their vehicles via an online interface. Unlike traditional car rental services, RelayRides doesn’t owns the vehicles or maintain them. They simply offer a hassel-free platform for car owners and renters to connect! Need a car for the day? Just hop on their website, search by location and price range, and voila! Want to rent out your car to others in your community? They can do that too!

So basically now that we know how to get our hands on a vehicle, its time for us to plan a Road Trip Part Deux.

What are our road trip essentials? Glad you asked.

  • A destination sunny and warm
  • A hot set of wheels (A vintage VW bus would be ideal, right guys?)
  • A well stocked cooler (We like to snack on nuts, fruit, fresh veggies, smoked meats, cheese, and good bread while on the road)
  • A cute pair of sunglasses
  • Our favorite blanket (I get so cold in the car, no matter what season!)

That’s all we need to rule the road! What are we waiting for??

Let’s get outta here!

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  1. A reliable film camera 🙂


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