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Kaihalulu beach

Our good friend Kristi, an incredible photographer (and human being!), recently took a soul-altering trip to Hawaii with her husband and parents and returned positively glowing. While listening to her describe the  picturesque landscape, the hidden waterfalls, the lush vegetation, I was dreaming of dipping my toes in the clear water, feeling the island breeze on my face. Her words and photography always make me feel like I can just reach out and touch everything in them.

Which is why I am asking you to vote for her. She recently entered the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest of 2013 with the photograph above. Her caption is as follows:

Kaihalulu beach (also known as the red sand beach) is a bit of a hidden gem on the road to Hana in Maui. The trek is dangerous, with steep slopes and a narrow trail along a cliff, but is worth the sight of perfect paradise.

Location: Kaihalulu Beach, Maui


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