Guest Post: Hiking the Israel National Trail

Breathe by Beny Shlevich, on Flickr

When it comes to hiking in Israel, there are a number of trails to choose from that trek through the country’s diversity of landscapes, ranging in difficulty and length.

And while there’s something in Israel for any hiker, there’s only one trail in the country that can claim to be amongst the world’s best hiking paths, including all of the aforementioned diversity and range: the Israel National Trail.

Winding 1000 km (620 miles) from Israel’s northern borders with Syria and Lebanon, the Israel National Trail snakes around the West Bank and through Tel Aviv before continuing all the way down to the country’s southern tip in Eilat and the Red Sea.

The trail is broken down into 44 segments, the first 19 of which are north of Tel Aviv and include ample spots for water. The last 25 segments, a small majority of the trail, take you from Tel Aviv to Eilat. From segment 32 on, it’s all desert, with water becoming a scarcity.

Tel Aviv native Shai Goren is an avid hiker, outdoorsman, and tour guide for Israel Experts. He recently completed the Israel National Trail with a friend in 2 ½ months.

Here, Goren offers 10 tips for anyone looking to conquer the country’s longest hike, as well as three highlights along the trail from Tel Aviv to Eilat.

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