Goodbye, California…Hello World!


Today we leave our little apartment in Berkeley.


This week I said goodbye to my work peeps, we said goodbye to Mark’s school buds, and today we say goodbye to California. Man, two years flew by so much faster than I thought it would. Yesterday I felt like someone would have to drag me from this place, but today I’m ready to go. We’ve got a lot of travel ahead us – something we’ve been preparing for over the last few years but always wondered when or if we’d make it happen. Well, guys, it happens today. We’re hitting the road, and on our horizon is a tipi in Yosemite; some pool time in my parents’ town of Mesquite, Nevada; more pool time with cousins in Phoenix; White Sands National Monument and Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico; Austin; New Orleans; Nashville; a grandma visit in small-town Kentucky; and back home to the Detroit area for a cousin’s wedding and to meet some little babies who’ve popped up since we visited last. From there we cross the big pond. After a brief layover in Stockholm we continue on to Mark’s birthplace of Vilnius, Lithuania, where we’ll spend just under two months. We’re planning on some weekend trips to Estonia, Latvia, and maybe even Poland. After that we’ll head west and spend some time bouncing around France, Germany, and Italy. Once our visas run out, we may skip over to either Croatia or Turkey, but we’ll make that decision when the time is right. The plan is fluid, so things could change at a moment’s notice. Who knows where serendipity might lead us!

Until then, a brief ode to the cute 700-square-foot apartment that has been our little love nest the last two years. It’s empty now. All our belongings were either gifted to friends or left as donations to the side-of-the-road gods of the Bay Area. We leave today unburdened by stuff, light in our hearts, but heavy with the memories we’ve made in the two years we spent in this beautiful place.




IMG_20141026_140947 (1)


Peace out, Berkeley.



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