Friday Web Travel Highlights, March 15

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. (Source: Jennifer Polland // Business Insider)

This hotel in Singapore might be worth putting on a bucket list just for the view from the pool alone:

Marina Bay Sands Pool

Singapore’s Skyscraper Infinity Pool. (Source: Jennifer Polland // Business Insider)


– Check out the story behind the Marina Bay Sands, along with the full slideshow, over at Business Insider.


– Another great travel piece we enjoyed this week, “The Cost of Living in Playa del Carmen,” comes from Simon and Erin of Never Ending Voyage. The couple recently celebrated three years as full-fledged digital nomads.

What struck us about the Cost of Living post, though, were the numbers. It’s a common misconception that travel is expensive. In fact, that’s the most often cited reason that people give for why they don’t travel more: “I can’t afford it.”

Now think about what it costs to fuel your lifestyle on a monthly basis. Include your rent/mortgage; food and transportation costs; student loans and credit card debts; cell-phone, Internet, and cable service; electricity, water, garbage, natural gas, and any other association fees, parking permits, or monthly obligations.

Seriously. Grab a piece of paper, and tally it up.

Did you get more than $1286?

Because that’s a monthly average of what Simon and Erin spent for the two of them to rent an apartment and live in a Mexican tourist town.

The takeaway:

The first step in seeing the world is making it a priority.

Everything else can be figured out along the way.

Never Ending Voyage is proof of that.


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