Brooklyn Love: A Day in the Best Borough*

The Brooklyn Bridge

While we didn’t really get the best vibe from Manhattan, we definitely felt very much at home in Brooklyn. The pace was a bit slower, the people a lot friendlier, and the restaurants, bars, and stores independent and more affordable.

It’s totally our kind of place.

(*NOTE: We’re also fully aware that this is exactly what Brooklyn wants us to think, so take all this with a grain of salt … After all, we were only here for a day, and visited only two of New York’s five boroughs during our two days in the city.)


‘Cuz it’s the B-the-R-the-O-the-O-K-L-Y-N…’


We spent the morning taking photos at Coney Island before heading to Bushwick (aka ‘East Williamsburg’) for lunch.

Our friend Megan recommended Roberta’s Pizza as a lunch spot, and we’d be dummies not to take every single suggestion she makes since that girl knows food.

(Megan’s recommendation was doubled-down on by another friend who works at Food & Wine, so Roberta’s was a no-brainer.)

Katie Eating Salad at Roberta's

Roberta’s is tucked away in an industrial area of Bushwick that’s teaming with hipsters. We were overrun by plaid and cut-off jeans, but the pizza was so worth it. (Mark said it was the best he’d ever had, while Katie said it was a close second to the pie at Pizzaiolo in north Oakland.)

Bushwick Graffiti

More Bushwick Graffiti

For dessert, we headed to the center of the universe: Williamsburg.

They were out of their famous cereal milk soft serve at Momofuku Milk Bar, which was a huge bummer since that was what we were really craving. The Yuzu Cherrysicle sure did hit the spot, though. Mark had a latte he pronounced the best latte ever, and a Crack Pie that tasted like all our dreams come true in one bite.

Oh! And if you’re lucky enough to live near their Williamsburg location, they will be celebrating their second anniversary by giving away 500 free cookies on June 8th. Go get ’em you lucky ducks.

Yuzu Cherrysicle at Momofuku Milk Bar

We strolled around the ‘hood looking for a bookstore so we could buy A Tree Grows in Brooklyn…in Brooklyn!

We couldn’t bring all of our books for the big cross-country move, so we chose only 5 each to keep. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn didn’t make the cut since the cover was torn off, so a new copy was needed.

Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn' by Betty Smith

The Flowers of Williamsburg

Brooklyn is rife with cool bars that have even cooler back patios. They’re very casual, with a backyard kinda feel.

Here’s a shot from the back patio at Lucky Dog in Williamsburg, where dogs are welcome and leashes are optional:


After stopping for a quick drink at Lucky Dog, we aimed our car (Mark loved the opportunity to drive aggressively) south, since we were to be at a dinner in South Slope at 7.

But first, we stopped by Brooklyn Bridge Park for a quick photo op.

 Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Katie in Front of the Manhattan Skyline

Another View of the Brooklyn Bridge

We made it to South Slope a little bit early, so we ducked into Quarter Bar for another quick, pre-dinner drink…

Quarter Bar, South Slope

Quarter Bar Sign

Quarter Bar Cocktail Menu

… where we enjoyed another back patio. This one quite literally was someone’s backyard, as there are tenants that live above the bar.

Mark Drinks Yuengling at Quarter Bar

Katie Gets Tipsy at Quarter Bar

After drinking a super strong Rita Lee (margarita flavored with salted plum powder!) Katie was feelin’ pretty tipsy. To be honest, she’s a terrible lightweight (she *isonly 4’11”), so one drink is usually all it takes to get her giggling and acting a fool.

We walked around the block to our dinner, where Mark reunited with and Katie was introduced to a bunch of friends he met on his trip to Israel last summer.

All in all, it was a great day, topped off by delicious dinner and company, and the last day of the NYC part of our cross-country road trip.

After catching up with friends, we hopped in the car and drove back to New Jersey, discussing our brief intro to Manhattan and Brooklyn, deciding that we’d have to come back again for a longer stretch, and mentally preparing ourselves for the long drive to North Carolina the following morning.

Have any favorite Brooklyn spots? Do you prefer Manhattan? Another borough? Let us know in the comments!

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