An Ode to Silverlake

During a trip to LA over Memorial Day weekend we decided to wander over to Silverlake to see what all the hubbub is about. We’d convinced ourselves that if we ever have to move to LA, Silverlake would be the neighborhood that would feel most like home. We came to this conclusion without ever actually visiting, mind you. Mark and I are terribly quick to assume lots of things. Now that we’ve spent some time (ahem, one early afternoon) in this little ‘hood, we can see that it really is as cool as every blogger who lives here says it is.

sunset junction.jpg

silver lake streets.jpg

cafe stella.jpg

^^ Cafe Stella, where my $7 avocado toast was fantastic, but $7. Hey, I ordered it so I knew what I was getting into. Its just, what the heck is up with California and their pricey toast? (Have you read the VentureBeat article, $4 Toast: Why the tech industry is ruining San Francisco? Well, I shelled out three extra dollars here. I hope it tasted $3 better than those toasts of the north). Anyway, they serve Intelligentisia coffee, which happens to be right next door, and it is delicious! The cold pressed coffee was a killer cha-ching toast companion. A word of warning though, don’t try to take any pictures while inside the restaurant. They’ll hassle you. Trust me. Guys, sometimes Drew Barrymore gets her brunch on there, so have some respect. ^^


eighty square feet.jpg

^^ Seeing this van solidified our dreams of living out of a van. Eighty Square Feet folks, where you at? We have tons of questions for you! Like, where are you headed next? Where do you shower? That’s probably it. I’m mostly concerned about the showering thing. ^^

forty forty three.jpg

manzanita community garden.jpg

^^ This community garden looked mighty neglected. I think the farm skills we picked up in Hawaii are in serious need, don’t you? ^^

silver lake stairs.jpg

reform school.jpg

^^ Just a little motivational chalking for your weekend. ^^


silver lake street.jpg

silver lake succulents.jpg

silver lake van.jpg

silver lake wall art.jpg

silver lake.jpg

All in all, I wouldn’t hate to live here. Palm trees, blue skies, good coffee, artsy/cool people, and the chance to share a $7 toast with Drew Barrymore. I mean, what more could you ask for? Silverlake, you’re just so damn cool.

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