A Tipi in Yosemite





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After leaving Berkeley, Mark and I made a beeline for Yosemite National Park, which was last on our ‘must-see before leaving California’ list. We stayed in a tipi on 60 acres just 40 minutes south of the park, where we spent two peaceful nights cooking sausage, onion and peppers over an open fire, talking and making plans for the coming months under the stars, and just decompressing from the last two years of work and grad school. It was exactly the thing we needed to shed the life we left behind and begin anew as whatever the hell we are now — wanderers, vagabonds, gypsies, digital nomads. The label is meaningless. We had no cell service, no wifi, no electricity — just us and 60 acres  to explore full of rock formations, forest, streams, swimming holes, hammocks, and a swinging bridge. Also, surprisingly, a drum set (we didn’t ask). There were also probably bears, snakes, scorpions, and maybe even bobcats and mountain lions. Who knows, but I was doing my best not to remember things like that exist.




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We drove to Yosemite the next morning and spent the entire day wandering the park. We scrambled up and down rocks, turned our faces up to the mist of the waterfalls, and waded into the ice-cold water.


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This week we’re chilling with my parents in the tiny town of Mesquite, Nevada. And by chilling, I mean baking. The temperature climbs into the high 90’s most days and I’ve had to remind myself that yes, that is a giant ball of fire in the sky and you are cooking your skin countless times. Anyway, here our life is nothing but $10 free play at the local casino, bowling with my oldest brother (I won one game! A first for me!), sunning ourselves at the pool, and late-night trips to the local shave ice establishment for a cold treat. Next we’re off to Phoenix to visit with Mark’s cousin Marta, her BF, and their puppy. Let us know if you have any recommendations!

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