A Little Wanderlust to Get You Through

Right about now we’re preparing for our upcoming three-day trip to the Bay Area.

We’re excited to visit a few cities neither of us has been to (San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley), and will hopefully be able to get a good feel for what area we want to live in when we move there in the fall.

Next month is when we leave our jobs and begin our very round-about journey to my (Katie) parents’ desert house in Nevada.

But at the moment, we are feeling very antsy and anxious. We’ve been spending a lot of time watching The Wire, working our 40 hours a week, and scrimping and saving most of our pennies. We’d much rather be on the road, feeling that sense of freedom we’re so looking forward to.

This is so cheesy to admit, but when I feel this way, I like to type “wanderlust” into the search bar on Pinterest. Images of far off places, secluded beaches, snow-capped mountains, gypsy caravans, wide open plains, and bohemian beauties flood my screen. I get a little taste of the adventures I am anticipating, and it calms me down a bit.







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